Information for the hunting dogs for truffles

Truffle hunting in recent decades transformed from agricultural activity or hobby to interesting and profitable business. For this purpose are used specially trained hunting dogs, whose training apply different methods, that contribute to efficiency, speed and accuracy, during truffles hunting. Practically any dog can be trained, but the breeds, that are considered most suitable "truffle hunters" are:

Logotto Romagnolo – Specially selected breed of dog for the truffles hunting. Popular in Italy but in Bulgaria has just begun breeding and training of logo Romagnolo. Because of his thick and shaggy fur, maintenance is difficult and is suitable to work in clean forests or cultivated plantations, but this is not a problem if you trim your dog often.

Cocer Spaniel–Already an established breed world class and extremely suitable for hunting of truffles in Bulgaria. This dogs are docile, very friendly and disciplined, and the problem with their long fur can be solved when you trim your dog on the beginig of the truffles hunting season oror more often comb the fur and bathing.

Breton Spaniel – Also suitable dog for hunting of truffles, due to the temperament of the breed and the willingness of its members to an active lifestyle. Easily attached to his owner and are always on the lookout for his commands.

Springer Spaniel – It is the oldest type of breed and fastest type among spaniels. Today it is very popular and favorite breed of dog, including among seekers of truffles. This dogs are intelligent, brave and quickly adapt in any environment.

Hungarian Vizsla – This breed is extremely executive, reliable and healthy. Easy to dressage, Vizla became a good hunter of truffles.

Labrador Retriver - Dog, known for obedience and good hunter. Also preferred breed, but - slow movement and large body size, makes it less suitable choice for the seeker of truffles.

Dog training

There spill approaches to training dogs - hunters of truffles. We are convinced in our practice, that the dogs learn best - using association linking one event to another. We already know that training based on positive association of the dog in search of truffles, combined with the game and the subsequent award of quadrupeds, lead to build a great team of dog -truffles seeker and his owner.

You can rely count on our experience in dressage to make of your dog perfect seeker of truffles or you can view our proposals for already trained dogs in section DOGS

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